In my younger days, I needed a great deal of retail therapy. Now I think twice before pulling out the plastic. And when I do, it may be for different reasons.

What I know now is we not only want to feel good in our clothes, we desire to feel good about our clothes. The fashion industry is now putting an emphasis on apparel that is diverse and has a "giving back" element to it. A few thoughts worth sharing for you to consider next time you shop.

"Every Life Is a Book Waiting to Happen" GITNB Spotlight Interview

"Every Life Is a Book Waiting to Happen"  GITNB Spotlight Interview

As I get older, I often turn to my community for additional inspiration. Writing a novel, riding a motorcycle, or going back to school - you can do it. Age is just a number. Instead of keeping these inspirational friends to myself, I am starting a monthly interview to highlight their amazing stories. Do you have someone in your life who is doing something to inspire you? Leave your thoughts (or their names!) in the comments section.

Love Is In The Hair!

Lisa fun hair

Women never seem to love their hair!

I have finally made peace with my crazy, gray curls. And thanks to this crazy mess, I’ve met some wonderful new people, all asking the same thing. “Is this your natural color?” or “Are those your natural curls? The answers are yes, for at least 20 years, and no, the curls came with the genes too! (lookout Christian Crouse, there may be a go gray early gene headed your way).

Thanks to my hairdresser, Ron, for inspiring me to embrace my curls and for his superb advice on how to care for them.

Here are a few tips from Ron that made the difference for me, hope it brings a little love to your curls!

  1. After washing your hair don’t wrap it up in a towel to dry, instead lightly pat it dry
  2. Put the right amount of hair product in and comb through
  3. Lift and fluff into ringlets with your fingers or just loosen the curls
  4. Lightly lift with hands or best with a rat-tail comb and diffuse on low air, high heat (a concave diffuser works best)
  5. Never scrunch with hands when hair is wet as it will make your hair frizzy
  6. Lightly mist with water and fluff with the diffuser the next day to reactivate the product
  7. Have a glass of wine and check out your awesome curls
Ron styling

Loving your hair makes a big difference. But, we are so much more than our hair. Don’t let your hair define you, but find the style or color that makes you feel good and embrace it! Your hair, and hairstyle, follow biological age not chronological age.

I saw this fun tee-shirt recently, “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair”.  As you may know, in the south, we say, "the bigger the hair the closer to God!"

At a deeper level, beauty is really not a regimen or a hairstyle but a state of grace emanating from within. We are beautiful when we are healthy, happy, loving, high functioning, and vital.

Remember all curls are not created equal, so you have to keep trying products tiI you find what works for you. I ADORE Aquage Silkening Foam Oil when I want lose curls and Aquage Curl Defining Lotion when I want tighter curls. 

Share any great products or tips that work for you in the comment section. 

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Making Money...Making A Difference

Making Money...Making A Difference

Last week was International Women’s Day,  perfect timing for this post. I’m incredibly grateful to so many awesome women that have made a big difference in my life! The two major impacts came from my mother and my daughter, but here are a few others that continue to change my life. I hope they inspire you too!

Fast and Easy Cashew Yogurt Recipe

Fast and Easy Cashew Yogurt Recipe

Cashews are a vegans best friend, allowing us to make all kinds of cheeses, sour cream and even amazing ice cream, giving dairy some competition. I've had great success with many of these recipes but was unable to find a good quality and easy yogurt recipe. Until now!

Life Lessons - The Art of Living

Life Lessons - The Art of Living

I love how much Whitney reads (and frankly I'm quite envious). He reads everything, but mostly enjoys nonfiction. We share a Kindle so I feel more knowledgable just browsing all the numerous books he has devoured. Recently, a book called Life Lessons: Two Experts on Dying Teach us About the Mysteries of Life and Living really got my attention. It's a must read for anyone wanting to live a better life, sooner than later! And isn't that everyone?