Making Money...Making A Difference

Last week was International Women’s Day,  perfect timing for this post. I’m incredibly grateful to so many awesome women that have made a big difference in my life! The two major impacts came from my mother and my daughter, but here are just a few others that continue to change my life. I hope they inspire you too!

Me and Pook

My mother was the absolute best! and thought I could do anything, but growing up in the deep south, my early aspirations were more focused on marriage and children than on a career. My husband and daughter have made an huge difference in my life and I can’t imagine my life without them. In fact, I give them an enormous amount of credit with my success in business. Their encouragement and inspiration empowered me, changed my traditional thinking, and taught me you can balance work and family. Now, I play an active role in the creation and growth of our amazing women lead company, Canvas Meetings.

me and candy

I had never dreamed I would start a company with my best friend that would endure for over 20 years  - and then at 56 start an entirely new company with my daughter! We’ve had a ball, traveled the world, and hopefully made a difference for our clients along the way.

A few months ago my friend Lelia’s blog post, “Be Brave with Money” hit my inbox. Like Lelia, I’ve struggled with the pursuit of money, as making a difference has always been more important to me. Now I realize in growing our company I can make an even bigger difference!

Check out Lelia's  website  and how she's helping work work for women! 

Check out Lelia's website and how she's helping work work for women! 

Lelia quotes one of her money mindset mentors, Duffield-Thomas, “Women with big hearts who want to help people and make money... will save the world.”

I love that! As women we need to encourage each other to thrive and do well in whatever we decide to do.

If you have to work and/or want to have a robust career, then be proud of making money, stand up for yourself in the workplace, and do something good with your time and money. Ladiesgetpaid is helping change that too!

My closing thoughts came from Sandra Stanley’s devotion book, Breathing Room. As I try to balance career, family, my passions and serving others, her book drew me deeper into thinking about how I spend my time. One question stood out that I think is worth all of us answering:

Sandra 2.jpg

What are you doing, just because you can, not because you are called?

When you’re running the race marked out specially for you, there is unexplainable joy and fulfillment.

Share your thoughts and comments ladies. Let's keep making the world a better place!