Why Men Should Consider Trying Yoga

Loved having my husband surprise me as a guest blogger on my last post. So, this week I thought I would get him back. LOL.

Before I ever became certified as a yoga teacher, Whitney and I were on the beach in Aruba ten years ago. I was reading about ALL the benefits of yoga, while he was complaining about his lower back pain. I dreamed about doing partner yoga with my him, traveling to far away yoga retreats and feeling the bliss together. Our marriage was already pretty amazing but thought this would be our icing on the cake.

Well, ten years later he has done only three yoga classes but has added stretching to his workout routine and feels the difference not only in his back but his golf scores as well. And every Tuesday night I relentlessly invite him to my yoga stretch class which consists of several athletic men, even one that drives his Harley to class.

harley anytime
Nick traveling with his Harley to Sturgis

Nick traveling with his Harley to Sturgis

Scott, another one of my yoga students and avid cyclist

Scott, another one of my yoga students and avid cyclist

Some famous male yogas that may surprise you: Sting, Adam Levine, Jon Bon Jovi, David Beckham, Prince Harry, LeBron James, Shaq O’Neal to name a few. Or check out some of the youtubes videos, from Diamond Dallas Page.

Yoga is one of the easiest ways to restore, improve, and maximize performance. Why? Because yoga for exercise is ultimately about proper breathing patterns with high levels of stability, internal strength, muscle endurance, and balance.

Check out the article in mindbodygreen, 12 Reasons Men should Do Yoga Every Day for more details but here is their list:

  • Yoga builds muscles evenly
  • Yoga increase deadlift strength
  • More flexibility means fewer injuries
  • Improved stamina means better workouts all around
  • Yoga counters the negatives effects of other physical activities favored by men
  • Yoga promotes weight loss and tones up muscles
  • Yoga can alleviate chronic low-back pain
  • Better posture provides a boost of confidence
  • Yoga reduces stress and anxiety
  • Yoga leads to better sex (I mean if that is not enough motivation for them!)
  • Yoga can help men become more mindful of what they eat
  • People who practice yoga have lower medical bills
  • Yoga is not about being ridiculously flexible or standing on your head.

In fact, centuries ago "doing yoga" didn't involve the body at all, but a practice for tapping into your mind -  and poses were just one way of doing it.

So men, breakup with your usual workout routine and see what happens when you add yoga. Trust me, not only will you feel better, but so will others in your life! (Are you listening Whitney?)