Lisa's Incredible (Should Be World Famous), Granola Bar Recipe. Again!


Hi, this is Whitney, Lisa's husband, stepping out of the gray shadows to tell all of you this is her most famous and requested recipe of all. If I had a $1 for every time these granola bars departed the very busy GITNB kitchen for happy parts unknown, then I'd have enough to afford her for another 32 years :)

Our kitchen is a working Vegan recipe laboratory, with the mad gray chef trying all kinds of concoctions, from ice cream made from cashews and cheesecake, with no cheese, but lots of avocado. I know, because I am guinea pig, the laboratory rat who eats them first. If I don't keel over, out it goes into the hood, and the feedback and chatter ensues.

But, there is one creation that is in the GITNB hall of fame, these dang granola bars! They are unbelievably good and healthy, never, ever getting old. So, save this recipe and make some right now! Here is the formula:

Step 1: Put 5 cups of low sugar cereal (best to use a plain healthy flake or cheerios)  in a food processor, ground well and pour in large bowl.


Step 2: Put 4 cups of oatmeal in the food processor, ground well and add to bowl with cereal mix.


Step 3: mix ¾ cup of coconut palm sugar in with dry ingredients (I leave sugar out when making for myself, but include when giving to others)

Step 4: Heat 1 cup of no sugar peanut or any nut butter and 1 cup of maple syrup or agave nectar with 1 tsp of vanilla extract over the stove. 

warm ingred

Step 5: Pour peanut butter mixture over dry ingredients, adding a cup of your favorite milk until combined. (It takes a little effort to combine). Add ½ cup of your favorite extras: raisins, coconut or cranberries. Around holidays or birthdays, white chocolate or butterscotch chips are fun to mix in.

Bake at 350 degrees in a 9 x 12 glass dish for 15-20 minutes.

bars plate

Go ahead, you can do it! And wish me best: I am what stands between you and future shared recipes. If they suddenly stop coming, then you'll now this test subject tasted his last and took his golf clubs to the great granola golf course in the sky.

me whit hawaii