Diet Evolution; My Journey Eating Well

Old photo from the Health Food Store on Hilton Head in 1986.

Old photo from the Health Food Store on Hilton Head in 1986.

Finding my way to better health wasn’t an easy or direct path. 

Considering my early years consisted of a diet of Frozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, raw hotdogs, fried food, sugary orange slices, cotton candy (ok fine, any kind of candy), BBQ, Hardee’s apple turnovers, McDonalds, Diet Tab, and all kinds of diet stimulants and diet pills.

But, I got there, and that’s the message I want to share.

Get on your own health journey and stay the course, don't give up and make it fun. Remind yourself along the way that it will look different than everyone else.

I crave variety in life and my food. Eat the rainbow my friend reminds me! My clean plant-based diet is not boring and I now have a love affair with veggies instead of junk food.

Kale shots instead of Tequila shots these days...

Kale shots instead of Tequila shots these days...

My diet now consists of: No meat, no dairy, no eggs, no fried foods, no white sugar, and no processed or fast foods. Instead I prefer green smoothies, macrobiotics meals, raw homemade cashew ice cream, veggies I had never even heard of, avocado and banana cacao pudding. I eat a mostly vegan, raw, plant based diet - with exceptions made for fresh fish from reputable sources.

Some thoughts for you to chew on:

  1. Eat whole fresh organic when available
  2. Stop eating processed food
  3. Make small changes that become habits
  4. Be mindful about eating- don’t multi task while eating
  5. Eat the rainbow - lots of color and textures
  6. Read labels when grocery shopping
  7. Don’t let peer pressure cause you to give into to someone else’s choices for you.

Here are three of my favorite cookbooks to inspire you!

1)    Thrive By Brendan Brazier

2)  Happy Healthy Vegan Kitchen by Kathy Patalsky creator of Healthy. Happy.

3)  Oh, She Glows by Angle Liddon


I love how I eat and feel now, so if you are in need of a second helping of healthy inspiration,  let me know!