What Do You Want To Be - When You Grow Up?

This southern gal never imagined she would grow up to be a vegan, business owner, blogger, Harley rider, yoga instructor, married to a Yankee and having only one child!

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Born and raised in the in the south, I followed the path set before me, without much thought as to why.  After graduating from Clemson with an elementary education degree but with no interest in teaching and no MRS. degree, I was not ready for "prime time" and the real word and face the reality of getting a job and supporting myself.

My parents taught me that I was loved unconditionally and could do whatever I wanted, yet we never talked about what that might be, but the assumption was to be a great wife and mother.

Thanks to a plethora of people that encouraged (ok pushed) me along the way. From Mary Frances at the front desk of the Marriott (proudly sporting our polyester uniforms) asking, “so Lisa what do you want to be doing in 5 years?”, (my long term plan was weekend dinner with a certain hot golf pro; AKA future husband candidate);
me and whit
to Candy asking me why I worked for someone else instead of having my own company? Something I had never thought of, to my independent daughter and “northern born” husband who discarded any expectations of what I was suppose to be. They empowered and supported me in trying to figure out what I wanted without trying to change me.
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I recently found myself asking again,"what I wanted to be when I grow up?"  After 22 years my best friend and business partner and I decided to split our accounts, giving ourselves a chance to do something different. I never dreamed I would be able to create a new company, Canvas, and hire my daughter to run logistics from an office in NYC! 

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This question of “what do I want to be when I grow up?” was modified after listening to a sermon by Andy Stanley, who posed instead "what do you value?" So, I am looking at life from a new perspective - as I try to grow up.

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A few life nuggets of what I have learned in the process:

  1. Never stop asking yourself what you want to be when you grow up.
  2. Never grow up or tiptoe around your own life.
  3. Find out what you value and what you are good at and do it!
  4. Don’t let the expectations of others and culture get in the way. 
  5. Seize the life you want and value, pray for it, dream it! 

Don't Wait for Permission to Live Your Life!