Alzheimer's: Just Remember These Four Things

4 Things That Work.

My mother was diagnosed with early on-site Alzheimer's at the age of 61. Our family watched her vibrant body and mind fade away for the next 10 years. Her brother also lost his life to this terrible disease.


My already healthy lifestyle took on a new meaning after losing my mom to Alzheimer’s. I knew I couldn’t change my genes, but was confident there were certain things I could do to help prevent it. It was along time before I could talk about it or even say the word, Alzheimer’s. I wondered daily whether I already had it and if anyone had noticed.

Fear still overwhelmed me at times.  This year I said screw it! I’m not going to let it get the best of me anymore. Then a few weeks ago, my sweet husband came rushing in the door, thrilled to announce, “you’re not going to get it, you’re not going to get it!”

He shared with me a medical podcast and study that unequivocally stated the four things you can do to prevent this dark cloud from ever entering your life! The magic formula is:

Exercise. A world of benefit as you know, including a better brain.


Eat a Plant Based Diet. Unfortunately, the western diet of refined foods, processed meats, and sugar are not only making us fat, they are Alzheimer’s best friend.

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Get 8 Hours of Sleep. A good night’s sleep not only makes us feel restored, it enables our brains to remove the sludge and plaques that build up each day. But, it takes at least 7-8 hours to do it.

Take Estrogen or Testosterone. Controversial, maybe. Yet recent research clearly shows it is very important. For millennia, we died about the same time our hormones ran out. Mother Nature and evolution will someday catch up, but until then, we need this powerful supplementation. See you doctor for the real thing, not the infomercial nonsense.

There is no guarantee this will absolutely work, but it will sure make you feel better at the least.

I can now laugh as I watch the SLN segment on Silver Echo, one of the funniest ever. Humor might just be the 5th missing part of the Alzheimer’s prevention plan!

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