Lumeria Maui Intention Versus Resolutions in 2017

As a yoga instructor, I always set an intention (theme) for my students reflection during their yoga practice, on and off the mat. Yet, sometimes I find it difficult to find the time to reflect intentions for myself or my students. 


Fortunately, my husband is intent - almost obsessed - on going to Hawaii every year. It is our “happy place” and after 15 visits it is our home away from home. The world stops spinning, we digitally and mentally detox, and enjoy this little bit of heaven.

Sunset on our porch.

Sunset on our porch.

This year we made a special visit to a boutique wellness retreat called Lumeria Maui. It sits between Paia and Makawao, an area known as upcountry Maui and is famous for its Hawaiian cowboys and modern hippies. 

lumeria sign

However, my mission was to make sure Whitney’s resolutions included yoga and meditation and for me to deepen my yoga practice. Well, what I learned instead was the difference between intentions and resolutions; sometimes the best intentions are when we let go of resolutions and allow life to happen.

And here's two things that happened!

1)    Acupuncture. One morning Whitney returned from a spa treatment, announcing, “I just had a remarkable experience!” Well I looked at him and said “who are you and what did they do to my husband?” as he is not the typical out of body experience kind of guy. So, just like in Harry Met Sally, I wanted what he had and quickly ran down to the front desk and signed up for the same treatment. And, yes, I had my own out of body experience too.  Meet Maryna Smolnikava, a massage therapist and person who introduced us to acupuncture and now part of our family!


2)    Meditation. The last day I attended a one hour guided mediation class at sunrise. I wasn’t expecting much (even telling the teacher I would probably leave early) but, oh, was I surprised! The clarity and bliss I felt was amazing. I loved it and my friends still don't believe I actually said or did nothing for an entire hour.


So, forget the resolutions (both for you and those you love). And check out Andy Stanley’s new series How to Get What You Want You Really Want and be intentional about what matters to you and those around you, then imagine the year you will have!