These Things... Short and Sweet!

The R&D department at GITNB had a busy weekend! I found some random good things for all of us, so we can do more and be more. Enjoy!

Allbirds Shoes


My friend and style consultant, Nancy, told me about these 100% wool shoes. Sounds crazy, right? Summer, the South, wool shoes??? Well, I had to try them after reading more about them and the cool company that makes them. I wore them all over Spain and Ireland. They looked good and felt amazing. They're soft, light weight and breathable yet still durable. The wool actually works in hot or cold climates. I bought them on-line at

Turmeric Infused Honey


To be honest, I don't even like honey, but I use turmeric when preparing meals all the time because of its health benefits. So, while enjoying my Saturday farmers market run, I saw this and decided to try it. OK, fine, I like honey now. Try adding a little in tea, on healthy bread or in a dip!  

Channel Lip Glow

lips channel

This was gift I thought I would never use as I don't wear lip balm - I'm a traditional lipstick kind of girl as glosses down work well for me. However, this, did and I adore it. It softens my lips but adds color too. Great for the gym and outside activities when lipstick just seems like too much.

Elta/MD Sunscreen


I recently switched from my old favorite Skinceuticals sunscreen to this and now it's my new fav. The transparent zinc makes the difference. Most days, I apply just this and bronzer for coverage which gives me a healthy glow, while protecting my skin!  Add the Channel Lip Balm for an overall natural look. 

Sara Happ Lip Scrub


Oh how I wish I knew who gave me this lip scrub to thank them! I had it for a long time before trying and now don't know how I lived without it. My lips have been so dry lately and my lipstick gets caked on. So at night I apply a little and flakes are gone, but softness remains. You can buy Sara Happ's products at Nordstrom's and the Cosmetic Market. 

OK, I know you have things that you can't live without either. I'd Love to hear about them and what the R&D department at your house is discovering.