This is not the Barbie we grew up with!

This is Dr. Barbie Taylor, our close friend who went to college with my husband at Rice University. We can all be inspired by Barb; whether it is her zest for life, her incredible love for her husband, George, the fact they move to a new country every year, or her love of talking about….menopause!

By the age of 30, Barb had her own solo gynecologic surgery practice in Houston, delivering twenty plus babies each month. While doing that, she earned her MBA and law degrees, just for the fun of it. Did I mention she is a kind, gorgeous, 5’9 vegan, that would run 10 miles a day as her normal workout.

Her life was extremely busy, successful, and happy. But in 2001, Barb turned 42, and was diagnosed with a debilitating form of arthritis that forced her to sell her practice and retire. Everything in her life changed at that moment: her identity, her health, and her plans for the future.

Devastated, but not defeated, she made the choice to continue to live a wonderful life, because, while she had lost the career of her dreams, she hadn’t lost her positive attitude, her love of life, or her desire to learn and help women.

 She put her passion and research into a book on menopause, offering wisdom for women, (as we navigate this perilous journey).  Her book, Menopause: Your Management Your Way - Now and for the Rest of Your Life provides a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of menopause. She has also added You Tube videos, a radio show and look for her "sure to be entertaining" seminars starting this year.

barb book

We had dinner with her recently when she was in Atlanta and I learned more about my "V" at 57 that I would have ever imagined... just hope we didn't offend anybody sitting next to us at dinner!

barb and me

A little "menopause wisdom" from her book:

  • We're all unique 
  • We know ourselves better than anyone else
  • Once we begin menopause, we will spend the rest of our life there
  • Know your options
  • Manage it your way 

Click here for more information, and to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

She may not be the Barbie we grew up with but definitely the Barbie we all want to grow old with!