I'll Have a Second Helping of Love. Please!

heart hands

The holiday season is here, reminding us "love" should be the light outshining the darkness of the recently worldly events determined to throw shade on our hearts and minds. 

Last Sunday I volunteered at North Point Community Church. The theme was GIVE, SERVE, LOVE. Andy Stanley reminded us how powerful and important it is to choose love above all else - even when it’s really hard and the world is telling you not to.


As we all know, love is the answer. Love is far less complicated than mans' laws but is more demanding. It can change everything for the good and shine a ray of hope on all that we do. Relationships, business, families, etc. Everything! 

So please, when gathering this holiday with friends and families from all walks of life, faiths and political persuasions, put away your differences. Have a second helping of...love! 

In the end - and we know this - it is all that matters. 

love scooter

At the end of the service, we handed out cards with a challenge to put love into action. So I'm challenging you, my faithful readers! I would love to send a copy of one of my favorite books, LOVE DOES, by Bob Goff to the first one of you to share a “random action of love” in the comments section.

Choose Love... Imagine the Difference!