These Things...

Once a month I will do a post on a few things that help me: 

Be More, Do More and Eat More...


I hope they add a little MORE to your life too!

Silver Coffee Stirrer - a surprise gift from an incredible lady and owner of the Broadwell Cottage while shopping one day. What a lovely thought to start my day with.

coffee cup

Short Hunter Rain Boots - Recent purchase in NYC at Urban Outfitters. Saved the day, when I realized the boots I was wearing had holes in the bottom!


Target Overalls - I walked away from a pair I found for $110 at a boutique, then happy to stumble across these in the kids section of Target for $24.00.


White Tea Ginger Soy Candle- My best friend gave me a beautiful candle that I was saving for a special occasion. That day came when another friend stopped by and fell in love with it - so I gave it away instead. A week later I met a friend for coffee and she surprised me with this lovely candle. Paying it forward is always a gift back to you!


Raw Coconut Water - My husband and I are obsessed with this brand of coconut water, although it is a little pricey. You can find it at Whole Foods and Publix. They even make one with Fair Trade coffee in it! Great combo to help keep you dehydrated and give you energy.

raw coconut water

So what makes you Be more, Do More and Eat More!