I'd rather do "Raw-way, than Broadway...

candle cafe

Call me crazy, but these days when visiting my daughter in NYC, I would rather spend my time and money in all the cool, healthy grocery stores and organic restaurants in NYC, than at the theater.

If you read my earlier post, “Raw is the New Fried,” you know how much I crave healthy food, especially raw. We are limited in Atlanta, so when I’m in NYC, I go crazy with the abundance of choices to enjoy the latest “raw” treats.

It doesn’t seem to matter where you are in the city. Even LaGuardia Airport offers items I can eat and enjoy, as do most bodegas.

From desserts at “The Rockin Raw” in the West Village to raw vegan sushi at The Peace Food Café on the Upper West side.

raw sushi

Or try a Charcoal smoothie at the Juice Generation with several locations in the city or “live raw” Lasagna for dinner at The Candle Café West.

charcoal smoothie
raw lasagna

For a great raw grab and go stop by The Squeeze, in Brooklyn.


Broadway musicals are terrific. However, music to my ears is the sound of a Vita-Mix blender churning up something new. Or an intermission from afternoon shopping on Fifth Avenue with my daughter, for raw cashew cheesecake. These take the Tony.


Try one of these next time you are in NYC, or tell me about ones you already love.