50 Shades of Gray...which shade are you?

I had to write a post with this title! Whitney and I haven't seen the film yet (he doesn't seem too interested)...maybe I'll have to tie him down for a screening...

In the meantime, I guess I'll stick to my blog, where I want to embrace our differences and share stories that showcase our wonderful uniqueness. I hope to inspire you to find the right shade for you and the shade that brings you the most joy!

My hair color has been an evolution, from brunette to salt and pepper to almost all silver now. It started in my mid 30's. 


For me, going gray was easy. My mother gave me a beautiful example of graying gracefully and taught me where real beauty comes from... the heart. My husband actually fell in love with her first and her beautiful gray hair; and was careful to never use the F word in our house, “fruppy.” 

Gray hair image

Labels: let's get rid of them please. The fact that gray hair is associated with being old, fruppy, boring and unattractive, make me crazy! I want women to feel beautiful at any age, with any shade. When I travel, my husband gets a thrill watching people approach me about my hair. He can see them coming. (ok they are not young hot guys, although men do stop me, but often it asking if I have a younger sister). My gray hair has given me a voice; to encourage women with any shade of hair; to have fun with their life.


Look for my future post, documenting how to transition from coloring your hair to letting your natural gray shine through. 

Click here for a beautiful magazine showcasing GRAY.

"Gray Matters." The more gray, the better at life I became! So join me in embracing your best shade!