Knit Happens...

After learning to knit in my late 40’s, I ask myself, how did I possibly get by before?!

When I’m flying, stuck in an airport or waiting at the doctor’s office, knitting is wonderful! I feel lame, like I'm wasting my time, when I watch TV without those needles in my hands. My husband even caught me on the toilet knitting once! Ok, maybe that was a little much… But lucky me; a sweet friend crocheted me a toilet seat warmer for winter just incase it became a habit!

I fell in love with the array of luxurious yarn options. There's organic yarn, hand-dyed and hand-spun natural fibers, cotton, wool, hemp, ribbon and silk. At one point I wanted to buy an Alpaca so I could learn to shear, dye and spin my own yarn. Whitney said that was a stretch; but maybe one day!

Take a look at one of my first projects by international designer Maggie Knits: (What was I thinking! Or not thinking?)


Knitting is therapeutic, creative, a gift; I'm crazy about it. The love of needlework also connects me to my mom. She and her best friend Pat spent hours together knitting. While I wasn't a knitter in her lifetime, I can now understand what it meant to her.  Take a look at some of her beautiful sweaters (or her Hugs, as I like to think of them)!


The minute I left my first knitting lesson, I wondered, when would I get to attend the Vogue Knitting Show in NYC? 

Mom and I had taken our first mother-daughter trip to the Big Apple when I was in my early 20's. "Perfect," I thought: "My daughter is 23, living in NYC and the Vogue Show is right around the time of my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!"

On a cold winter day in January, 2013, I walked into the Vogue Knitting Show wearing the full-length coat mom had knitted over 40 years ago. Bursting into tears, I thought about what a glorious day it was, and I knew my mom was proud! 


More than just a pastime, knitting has given me a chance to help others.

I formed a Knit-a-latte group that knitted at Starbucks and started a community service project for Heart for Africa. Our group inspired other knitters around the world to join; collectively we've sent over 20,000 beanies to orphans in Africa. What a joy to receive this photo of a beautiful African boy wearing my beanie!


Who would have thought knitting could provide such a rich sense of love, comfort and togetherness -- and right when most needed.

One of the knit-a-latte's daughter tragically lost her life; we hosted a knit-a-thon in her honor. Colossians 2:2 "That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love."

The bond that I have formed with some amazing ladies/knitters is priceless. We even had a knitting retreat, and vowed to be friends “until the yarn runs out.”

So check out your local knitting store! You might be surprised that the yarn and the patterns aren't like your grandma’s. Better yet: sign up for a lesson. You may just surprise yourself like I did, and fall in love!

Check out this great, modern instructional book, Stitch and Bitch, with its passionate mantra: "you ain't sh** if you don't knit".

Good luck!

P.S. I would love to one day own my own knitting shop/yoga studio/smoothie bar. (Don't worry Whitney and Candy: I’m not quitting my day job yet!)