"Get out of your Box"... your Hair Color box

One of my reasons for starting a blog is to encourage you to "get out of your box." I hope to challenge you to do something that will change your life and others (for the better). Whether you color your hair or not: it doesn't matter. The real issue is being yourself and -- while you are at it -- why not be your best self?


The times I have followed my heart and not my head, stretched out of my comfort zone, it's been 100% worth it. Starting this blog, for instance: my passion for sharing and connecting people outweighs my lack of writing skills, proper English, computer and photography skills.

Thanks to my Harvard grad house guest, these skills are improving. Learning has become fun again. In addition, after encouragement from my daughter,  I signed up for a blogging class. Check out www.shockingreallife.com for (totally unconventional) writing classes, blogging and social-media workshops. I found myself completely out of my box that day...but loved every minute of it!

God created us for community and I am thankful for the people He has put in my life, to teach me and to change me. I hope to inspire you; in return I hope to be inspired by you.

You will continue to hear me ask you to "get out of your box." I hope you do and I would love to hear about it.

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