Vino and Vinyasa?


For a second, I thought "Vino and Vinyasa" was a misprint in my yoga magazine. Candidly, I didn't want it to be one, so it would relieve the tiny bit of guilt I felt having a glass of wine before teaching my yoga class recently. After some research (while sipping a glass of wine), I came across some interesting articles on this cool combo. Not that I needed more research than my own...

One article compared the "practice of yoga", to the "art of drinking a glass of wine" and here's how:

1.         Both make you feel good.

2.         Each give you a sense of exploration.

3.         They generate the energy to connect to others.

4.         Both are good for a healthy lifestyle (ok maybe some moderation is needed here).

5.         You can enjoy yoga and wine, just about anywhere, at any age, (over 21) with anyone!

Yoga-and-lifestyle guru David Romanelli introduced Yoga for Foodies, debuting at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona. The three-night retreat included morning and afternoon yoga sessions, followed by a wine or chocolate tasting or even a three-course meal. Usually classes end by chanting "om" not by comparing the scent of a Cabernet to a Tuscan blend.

Check out these exotic yoga retreats - but be on the lookout for information on a special "Vino and Vinyasa" retreat with my friend Jonelle Hancuff, owner of Half Moon Wellness in Atlanta.


Just imagine being in a beautiful vineyard, sampling amazing wines, after a sunset yoga class!

Or join us in the spring at Barnsley Gardens outside Atlanta or The Miraval Resort and Spa, my fav!

Me in a "silk Savasana" at Miraval 

Me in a "silk Savasana" at Miraval 

Love to hear from you if you interested in joining us at a retreat next year. I guarantee there will be lots of yoga and wine too!