Is it a "hell yeah?"

Recently, I read a great article about making better decisions with my time and money, and choosing which types of activities deserved these precious resources. It challenged me to ask myself: is this a “hell yeah!” situation?

I hesitated using this expression at first; but then the redneck southern part of me felt it impossible not to embrace. When shopping now -- debating whether I need that new dress, furniture, technology, etc -- I ask myself: “is it a hell yeah!?” If I can't say "hell yeah!" and mean it; I don't need it. 

The older I get, the less stuff I need. That my life matters and I am surrounded by loving people is what I crave. I've found that spending time and serving others brings me more joy than any purchase ever did.

One of my favorite books is by Jeff Shinabarger's, called Yes or No. Jeff challenged me to: "stand back and evaluate what I was made to do with my life and why I was doing it?" and "to say yes to what I was made to do and no to the things I could, but others ought to." 

To think deeply about: what do I really need? and what does God want me to do with my time and money?

yes no

This phrase took on a new spin recently, when I was in NYC visiting my daughter. We signed up for Monster Cycle in Soho.


One of those “get out of your box” experiences I keep encouraging you to do! The studio had crystal chandeliers, cool “bougie” furniture and a poster with "hell yeah!"s all over it. The beautifully tattooed teacher screamed "give me a hell yeah!" in the middle of class, and guess what, I gave it to him! The class was wonderful. We watched the latest and coolest music videos, then finished with a lovely quote about patience from Joyce Meyer. That combo, shared with my daughter, was definitely a “hell yeah!”