How to Go Gray

mirror gray

I don't really see myself as gray - which you may think an odd thing for me to say. Recently, I attended a wedding and ran into some old college buddies, only to be humbled when one of my favorite dates didn't recognize me. 

Going gray was fairly easy for me. My first gray hairs snuck out in my early 30’s.  As time marched on the salt become stronger than the pepper! My husband deserves a good bit of credit for my gray (and not because he caused it like some husbands) but he embraced it. It helped that he fell in love with my mom first, with her beautiful silver gray hair and beautiful soul.

me and mom

There once was a stigma about having gray hair, but this is changing.  I love that the younger generation and some celebrities are actually dying their hair gray now. Look at this beautiful young girl I ran into at Whole Foods recently that "pays" to have gray hair.

young gray


I’m not saying everyone has to go gray, yet I want women to realize it's not just ok to go gray - it can be great! (Just ask my husband how many times I get stopped because of my hair). Don't let your new silver strands get in the way of feeling beautiful. Live the life you want to live, not the life someone else thinks you should.

Three reasons to go gray:

  1. It is natural and liberating
  2. It will save money by not having to color it
  3. It is less maintenance, leaving more time to do other things!

Things you need to know before you go gray:

  • Gotta have a great hair stylist
  • There are two ways to go gray: first is cut your hair short and just go cold turkey, which will take about one year. Or, you can highlight in silver tones as it grows out.

Meet my hairdresser, Ron, owner of Salon Ron Julian. Here’s a little advice he offered when we sat down together to talk about going gray.



GITNB: What’s one of the big questions women want to know?

Ron: Whether it will be a pretty gray or not? Darker hair tends to gray more silver where as blond hair can turn more yellow and red heads more orange when they gray. Hereditary and your environment have a lot to do with it too.

GITNB: What if the gray doesn't turn out to be pretty?

Ron: You can use foils every 3-4 months to brighten the silver or put a rinse or semi-permanent color in. Both are less expensive and lower maintenance than the upkeep on full color and of course better for your hair.

Now meet Suzanne - who approached me one day and said she was ready to go gray. I will be posting her transition to gray, the process, her feelings and her results.

Before Ron's cut

Before Ron's cut

After - straight

After - straight

After - curly

After - curly

She's off to a great start, stay tuned for more gray!