Hey ya’ll, I’m Lisa.

My friends and family might tell you I’m a little bit kooky with my big gray hair, or a little bit crazy about health foods and with my big yoga obsession, or that I’m a little bit over the top with my smiles and hugs, with my big, loud shotgun of a laugh. What they won’t tell you is that I wasn’t always this way…

Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, I was happy following the path set before me. That path took me to Clemson University and swore me in as a TriDelt, and seemed to be going just fine, but after graduation I had trouble knowing which way I was heading (no Google maps back then!). I had a degree in elementary education but didn’t want to teach, and without my MRS. Degree, I found myself at a crossroads.

My parents loved Hilton Head, and thought by helping me with rent they could score themselves a vacation condo, so that’s the direction I turned. Next thing I knew I was working at the front desk of a beachside Marriott, working for $4 an hour in a stiff, polyester uniform (I shudder to think about it!). At the time I was worried that maybe I had taken a wrong turn, but looking back I know I was exactly where I was supposed to be!

It was on Hilton Head that my path crossed with my husband, a northerner (“Damm Yankee!” as my dad would say). I gave birth to our only child (an uncommon practice in the south, especially in my family) and started a new journey of personal health and spirituality that I certainly never expected, but that has gotten me happily to where I am today.

The “personal health” part of this journey was long overdue. As an overweight 6th grader I embarked on a love affair with fad diets, always in search of the latest weight loss trends. I tried everything from the ice cream diet to cellophane body wraps to endless cans of Tab and – I’m not proud to confess – diet pills, as early as 7th grade.

But then I lost my parents due to health issues, much too early, making me face some of my unhealthy habits and rethink my eating and my lifestyle.  Now I eat an almost entirely vegan, raw, plant-based diet and absolutely LOVE IT!  

Looking back on the winding path of my life so far, my heart swells with love and gratitude. I thank my mom for her boundless, unconditional love and my dad who taught me that people and life could be daily adventures worth celebrating. I thank my husband who lovingly and patiently helps me spread my wings, and my daughter who encourages me to "do me,” all the while inspiring me just by "doing her" with such grace and passion. And I thank God, who created me unlike anyone else, and put amazing people in my life to teach and enrich me.

I have always found loving easy to do, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve found so many new things to love – some things I never would have dreamed of!  I’ve traveled to Africa, started my own business, become a certified yogi, participated in bike week on my own Harley, tried a bit of botox and even tattooed eyeliner, and – as of this moment – started a blog!

This blog isn’t just about me, but about the beautiful people that have walked with me on my path, and the incredible, vibrant experiences they have brought to my life. They are the reason I started this blog: to share the joys they’ve given to me, with you!

With this blog I want to inspire, connect and share ways to help others embrace things they love.

I want to encourage women to become their best selves as they age, without worrying about someone else's traditions, labels or stereotypes. Just like so many people gave me strength, I hope to give you the strength to break out of your box and live the life you were meant to live.

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